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A genus of plants including the roses (family Rosaceae); several varieties are the sources of rose oil: Rosa alba, cottage rose; Rosa centifolia, the pale rose or cabbage rose (source of official rose oil); Rosa damascena, damask rose; and Rosa gallica, red rose or French rose.
[L. rose]
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The Grand Tour had already started in a small way and, as a souvenir of the Apennines, Salvator Rosa devised his Wayfarers Trapped by Bandits (Knole House, Kent).
Manwaring, Italian Landscape in Eighteenth Century in England: A Study Chiefly of the Influence of Claude Lorrain and Salvator Rosa on English Taste, 1700-1800 (London: Cass, 1965).
The subject of this erudite and meticulous study is the critical fortune in France and the presence in French literature of the Italian painter Salvator Rosa (1615-73).
To achieve a striking atmosphere, Turner learned how the master painter Salvator Rosa depicted hostile mountain scenery with small, lonely figures, surrounded by claustrophobic shadows.
The exhibition runs until June 5 and on April 21 there is a 45-minute tour of the Salvator Rosa Exhibition.
It has the visual surge but none of the wildness of Salvator Rosa.
The concert was organised by Opera North and Compton Verney House to correspond with the exhibition of 17th century 'wild landscapes' by Salvator Rosa.
Also running at the venue is a show of work by Neopolitan, 17th-century artist Salvator Rosa, called Wild Landscapes.
Some of this reinterpretation has already begun, in recent work on what Luigi Salerno once controversially dubbed 'il dissenso nella pittura', dissent in the art world of the 1640s and 1650s--a phenomenon he associated with artists such as Castiglione, Andrea di Leone, Pietro Testa, Salvator Rosa, and Niccolo Tornioli.
Marina Warner, Bridget Lewis, Paulina Kewes; Make-Believe and Salvator Rosa, Matt Collishaw; Richard Gray, Sir Peter Moores, Dr.
Art historian Dr Helen Langdon also explores the style and myths that surround Salvator Rosa's art in a talk called Beauty and Terror: The Art of Salvator Rosa, at Compton Verney on March 31.
It is curious that the Italy the northerners recorded was so unlike the wild and gloomy renderings of their innovative Italian contemporary, Salvator Rosa, who strongly resented their intrusion.