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Historic proprietary name for arsphenamine.
[L. salvare, to preserve, + sanitas, health]


The drug arsphenamine.
The 606th arsenical compound synthesised by Paul Ehrlich
Pros It was the first effective therapy for syphilis
Cons Toxicity, difficult to administer, long-term therapy required. It was superseded by penicillin in 1943


Medical history An antisyphilitic arsenical compound synthesized by Paul Ehrlich. See Magic bullet.
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He subsequently achieved fame with the development of Salvarsan, an early treatment for syphilis.
The scientist Paul Ehrlich, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1908, tested various forms and various doses of his "Magic Bullet" Salvarsan, on prostitutes handed over to him by the police.
ICR was established in 1915 as a Special Institute for Chemistry, a satellite facility of the College of Science, Kyoto University (currently the Faculty of Science, Kyoto University), to explore and manufacture medical drugs such as Salvarsan.