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Salvador, Argentinian physician, 1886-1946.
Chagas-Mazza disease - Synonym(s): Chagas disease
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At the center of this transformation was Salvador Mazza, who, together with a group of collaborators, moved his laboratory away from the Littoral into the nation's mountainous Northwest.
By the time he graduated, in 1911, Salvador Mazza had gained the respect and admiration of both his teachers and fellow-students.
It was in this crisis that recently graduated Salvador Mazza was put in charge of a controversial, microbiological station in Martin Garcia, a small island in the Rio de la Plata.
Prominent among these scientists was Salvador Mazza.
1994), el mismo Salvador Mazza siempre repetia que mirando a traves del microscopio con el mayor de los aumentos no debia dejarse de ver al hombre en su totalidad.
A serosurvey was done in Oran, Salvador Mazza, and Guemes (Figure 2).
A total of 404 sera were studied from Oran, Salvador Mazza, Santa Victoria, Tartagal, General Mosconi, Salta city, Junta del San Antonio, Aguaray, and Guemes during April through November 1997.
One, a man from Salvador Mazza, had fever, retroocular pain, malaise, muscle pain, and arthralgias and had traveled to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, before onset of symptoms.
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