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Maximilian, German ophthalmologist, 1862-1954. See: Salzmann nodular corneal degeneration.
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Bed bug transmission has largely been assumed to happen via "hitchhiking"--when bed bugs sequester themselves on clothing or personal items and travel with new hosts who have visited infested places or acquire infested furniture, clothing, or toys (Wang, Saltzmann, Chin, Bennett, & Gibb, 2010).
ACUITY CEO Bob Saltzmann believes the success of these efforts helped turn around the company's turnover rate from 25 percent in 1999 to two percent in 2004.
The deal was negotiated by Bill Bromiley and Mark Ward for Image Entertainment and by CAA and Stephen Saltzmann of Loeb & Loeb on behalf of SND.
Research has shown that bed bug infestations are particularly difficult to eradicate in low-income communities (Wang, Saltzmann, Chin, Bennett, & Gibb, 2010).
Simon Saltzmann heralded her as "the toast of Broadway" in Romance/Romance.