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Walter C., 20th-century U.S. psychiatrist. See: Shipley-Hartford scale.
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There is the tongue-in-cheek Don't Tell Titus; Fanny's Real Ale House; the Saltaire Brewery with its craft beers and dog-friendly Boathouse Inn with riverside views.
Saltaire Raspberry Blonde is golden in colour and pours with a thick foamy white head.
Mr Saltaire's retirement coincides with moves to develop investment links between BCMG and the city's business community.
Lord Campbell-Savours, a former MP, asked Cabinet Office spokesman Lord Wallace of Saltaire: "Isn't under registration among young people only a symptom of the disconnect between the politicians and the people - and doesn't the sight of a Cabinet minister hanging on when she should go only aggravate that condition of that disconnect?" Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said all the issues to do with Mrs Miller's behaviour were for David Cameron to deal with.
Cabinet Office spokesman Lord Wallace of Saltaire said he had discussed the issue with his wife.
Annually the city attracts many thousands of visitors from across the globe wooing them with attractions such as the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, the World Heritage Site of Saltaire, the National Media Museum and its most recent attraction the UK's largest water feature, which is situated next to the Victoria City Hall.
Fast forward a quarter of a century and, after a two-and-a-half-hour drive, I was excited to be back in my alma mater with my other half and our eight-year-old son, to stay in a superb luxury apartment in a converted wool mill in Saltaire.
This time we were staying in a superb luxury apartment in a converted wool mill in Saltaire.
DAVE MORTON took a trip down memory lane when he and his family enjoyed a relaxing two-day break in Saltaire on the outskirts of Bradford BRADFORD has suffered its fair share of bad press over the years.
They trace factory villages from Derwent Valley to Saltaire, then look at making the town, social hierarchy, building Saltaire 1853-58 and 1860-75, and its transition from model town to world heritage site in 2001.
The Saltaire, U.K.-based company shipped 17.2 million set-tops to more than 100 pay-TV operators last year, which made it the largest global set-top box supplier, according to IMS Research.