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A tree of the genus Salix; the bark of several species, especially S. fragilis, is a source of salicin.
[A.S. welig]
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Salix, which conducted the phase III clinical trials-- testing on humans-- in the US, has now got FDA's approval paving the way for Glenmark to launch the drug in other markets.
Due to above-mentioned difficulties in classification of Salix and since molecular markers have so many advantages over morphological markers, It was decided to classify some of Iranian species of this genus using PCR based molecular markers.
20 October 2010 - Norwegian pharma company Photocure ASA (OSL: PHO) said today it has signed a partnership contract with US firm Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NASDAQ: SLXP), under which the latter will control and cover development, registration and commercialisation costs for Photocure's product Lumacan.
With the FDA approval of the tablets, Salix believes the designation should provide it with seven years of exclusivity in the US.
Competition may have been highest at the seedling stage when space for rooting and sunlight are limited due to the high numbers of individuals; Sher and Marshall (2003) demonstrated that competition among Populus, Salix, and Tamarix for available resources can be maginified at high plant densities.
Horses running on Salix still carry an eLi next to their name in the Daily Racing Form.
In contrast the Salix Project in mid Wales promotes the on-farm use of willow as an alternative energy crop in upland Wales
Key words: Salix extract, rofecoxib, prostaglandin [E.sub.2], cytokines, cyclooxygenase
En 1997, une grande partie de la zone du decrochement de fonte etait dominee par des especes Salix, plutor qu'Equisteum, comme c'etait le cas en 1987.
Given that the invasion of Tamarix often involves the displacement of native Salix gooddingii and Populus fremontii (Ohmart and Anderson 1982, Vitousek 1990, Stromberg et al.