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The acyl radical of salicylic acid.
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The FRs were characterized by a high content of flavone and chalcone glycosides (FR-B), flavonoid glycosides and salicyl alcohol derivatives (FR-C), salicin and related salicyl alcohol derivatives (FR-D) and proanthocyanidines (FR-E).
Thus WB (30 mg/kg), its ethanolic fraction rich in salicyl alcohol derivatives (FR-D) (30 mg/kg) and imipramine, by being effective in the FST, modulated known and new targets relevant for neuro- and immunofunctions in rats.
2005; Fiebich and Chrubasik 2004) and that not only salicyl alcohol derivatives, but also the polyphenols of WB contribute to this modulation (Khayyal et al.
The salicin and salicyl alcohol content was determined according Ph.
As there is no further report on the isolation and production of flavonoids associated to orthohydroxybenzyl moiety (typical for salicyl alcohol derivatives), and P.
Potentiation by salicylate and salicyl alcohol of cadmium toxicity and accumulation in Escherichia coil Appl Environ Microbiol 34:2402-2406.
S1 possesses a high content of salicin, salicylates (1) and salicyl alcohols, but also phenolic components like flavonoids and catechins (Nahrstedt et al.