Sakaguchi reaction

Sa·ka·gu·chi re·ac·tion

guanidines in alkaline solution develop an intense red color when treated with α-naphthol and sodium hypochlorite; a qualitative test for arginine, free or in a protein.
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Sakaguchi reaction method was used to analyze the ARG concentration in rumen fluid by determining the rumen degradation rate of protected and unprotected ARG.
In conclusion, the spectrophotometer method of ARG determination in rumen fluid based on Sakaguchi reaction is easy, accurate, and economical and could be useful in learning ARG metabolism in the rumen.
Key words: Arginine; Rumen fluid; Sakaguchi reaction; Spectrophotometer, Method development.
Whereas, use of spectrophomter for ARG determination in biological fluid with Sakaguchi reaction is relatively simple, cheap and sensitive [10, 11], but was not used in rumen fluid.
The standard line developed for ARG determination was based with Sakaguchi reaction and absorbance was measured through spectrophotometer All reagents and solutions were cooled on ice before determination.
The parameters were optimized by Sakaguchi reaction with the concentrations of 8-ydroquinoline and sodium hydrobromite.
In the present study ARG determination without butanol was proved to be easy and accurate for Sakaguchi reaction.
Several analytical methods for GAA and creatine have been described, including use of the Sakaguchi reaction (2), stable-isotope-dilution gas chromatography--mass spectrometry (GC/MS) (3, 4), and HPLC (5).