St. Giles

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St. Giles,

patron saint of lepers, physically challenged people, paupers, and blacksmiths.
St. Giles disease - Synonym(s): leprosy
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Projects Lendleases construction business has worked on previously with Stanhope include Central Saint Giles, Chiswick Park, and Paternoster Square.
Saint Giles, Saint George, Saint Faith of Agen, and Saint Mary Magdalene.
The story of Saint Giles, a late seventh-century saint, and the doe is the most widely known.
He is buried at the Church of Saint Giles, Cripplegate, where a monument erected to him comprises a bust with inscriptions.
Contract awarded to provide manned security guarding at Central Saint Giles
Broadgate Estates, which manages an unrivalled portfolio of prestigious developments in London, has extended its contract with Incentive Lynx Security, to provide manned security guarding at Central Saint Giles for a further 3 years.
Central Saint Giles is located in the West End and provides some 500,000 sq ft of mixed-use accommodation arranged over 10 floors including 408,000 sq ft of offices and apartments, with 25,000 sq ft restaurants and retail units set around a landscaped central piazza.
I am sure if the old Ritz building was in Saint Giles Road and the proposals about the use of that building were being put forward then residents of Saint Giles Road including L Gannon, might be seeking support from their local councillors to ensure that their views were represented.
Property manager Broadgate Estates has extended its contract with Incentive Lynx Security for manned guarding at Central Saint Giles, a mixed-use development in London.
RE: Save our green belt local meeting held at Saint Giles Village Hall in Ash Green.
CHESTERTON is a serene and lovely place with its Church of Saint Giles standing alone in the fields.