personal protective equipment

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personal protective equipment (PPE)

a part of standard precautions for all health care workers to prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure when in contact with blood and body fluid of any patient. Personal equipment includes protective laboratory clothing, disposable gloves, eye protection, and face masks. See also Standard Precautions.
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Personal protective equipment

personal protective equipment

Personal protective gear Infection control Specialized–ie, not 'standard issue' clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against a hazard, in particular blood-borne pathogens Appropriate PPE Gloves, gown, lab coats, face shields or masks, eye protection, mouthpieces, resuscitation bags, pocket masks, or other ventilation devices. See Double gloving, Gloves, Handwashing, Mask, Shield, Spacesuit.

per·son·al pro·tec·tive e·quip·ment

(PPE) (pĕr'sŏn-ăl prŏ-tek'tiv ĕ-kwip'mĕnt)
Specialized clothing or equipment (e.g., gloves, lab coats, eye protection, and breathing apparatus) used by workers (e.g., emergency medical services personnel) to protect themselves from direct exposure to blood or other potentially hazardous materials to avoid injury or disease.

personal protective equipment

Clothing, masks, gloves, or other gear that protects a person from exposure to noxious chemicals or transmissible diseases.
See: Personal Protective Equipment: Donning
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