Safety Net Hospital

A public hospital in the US that provides health care to all, regardless of patients’ ability to pay for the services provided
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The grant, which provides a two-year membership to the international network, was sponsored by an anonymous third party and designated to one safety net hospital providing care to low-income, uninsured and/or vulnerable populations.
University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) Medical Center in Little Rock expects to break even for the year after generally running a deficit as a safety net hospital.
Parents or guardians of girls aged 11-17 years in an urban safety net hospital and three suburban private practices were interviewed about their recall of the number of HPV vaccinations received by their daughters.
8220;As the region's only public and only safety net hospital, we are proud to set the benchmark for high quality care in our community.
The Act also sets out criteria for hospitals to receive safety net hospital grants.
Zappa will oversee all aspects of contract pharmacy program implementation and service delivery to Wellpartner's growing roster of safety net hospital clients.
Alongside this investment, CHCF is also planning to fund studies at two California safety net hospital systems to research levels of patient and provider satisfaction, cost effectiveness and diagnostic efficacy of the iRhythm solution.
Our models include interaction terms between safety net hospital status and patients' insurance status and between hospital safety net status and race.
But Parkland, Dallas' primary safety net hospital, had to change course after credit markets froze.
Denver Health is the Rocky Mountain Region's Level I academic trauma center, and the safety net hospital for the Denver area.