Safety Net Hospital

A public hospital in the US that provides health care to all, regardless of patients’ ability to pay for the services provided
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On this latter point, Hurley's days in accounts receivable decreased considerably in recent years, from 58 days at fiscal year-end 2013 to 36 days at year-end 2017, which is favorably low, particularly for a safety net hospital.
Access to Care after Massachusetts' Health Care Reform: A Safety Net Hospital Patient Survey.
Leapfrog cited San Francisco General, a public safety net hospital, for being below average at preventing surgical site infections after colon surgery and for allowing dangerous objects to be left in a patient's body, among other factors.
Currently I am a clinical supervisor in a safety net hospital in Las Vegas.
The grant, which provides a two-year membership to the international network, was sponsored by an anonymous third party and designated to one safety net hospital providing care to low-income, uninsured and/or vulnerable populations.
Parents or guardians of girls aged 11-17 years in an urban safety net hospital and three suburban private practices were interviewed about their recall of the number of HPV vaccinations received by their daughters.
8220;As the region's only public and only safety net hospital, we are proud to set the benchmark for high quality care in our community.
The Effects of Safety Net Hospital Closures and Conversions on Patient Travel Distance to Hospital Services.
The Act also sets out criteria for hospitals to receive safety net hospital grants.
The study institution is the county safety net hospital, and readmission rates in this study were similar to those reported by other safety net hospitals (20%-25%) (Ross et al.