margin of safety

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an edge or border.
gingival margin gum margin.
gum margin the border of the gingiva surrounding, but unattached to, the substance of the teeth.
margin of safety a calculation that takes the highest animal no observed adverse effect level and estimates a maximum safe level of exposure for humans. It is now generally superseded by the reference dose.

mar·gin of safe·ty

the range between the minimal therapeutic dose and the minimal toxic dose of a drug.

mar·gin of safe·ty

(mahr'jin sāf'tē)
The area between the minimal therapeutic dose and the minimal toxic dose of a drug.
Synonym(s): safety margin.

mar·gin of safe·ty

(mahr'jin sāf'tē)
The gap (i.e., range) between the minimal therapeutic dose of a drug and its minimal toxic dose.
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The means and coefficients of variation of basic variables of a beam safety margins are: [R.sub.0m] = 363.5kNm, [delta][R.sub.0] = 0.08 ; [] = 20.0 kNm, [delta][M.sub.g] = 0.10; [M.sub.qm] = 49.7 kNm, [delta][M.sub.q] = 0.20; [] = 50.3 kNm, [delta][M.sub.s] = 0.5.
Median safety margins in trials for which a participant had at least 1 second of relative quiet before he or she detected an approaching vehicle showed the same pattern of results as in Table 1.
Limited DFT testing for 10 J safety margin or abbreviated step-down protocols may be recommended in most patients (15).
At this stage, a safety margin of 10 percent can be suggested, which means that a placement offset of [+ or -] 40 percent off-pad can be recommended.
The variations that many foundries have taken for granted not only mean unnecessary scrap but also that a high safety margin must be used in gating and risering systems, resulting in low yield.
These include a smaller footprint of facilities, better criticality safety margins, and shorter cooling periods for irradiated fuel.
CMX521 has a promising safety profile with high safety margins for human exposure.
According to the agency, the updated Safety Code includes slightly more restrictive reference levels in some frequency ranges to ensure even larger safety margins to protect all Canadians, including newborn infants and children.
It said: "The safety margins were reduced so far below normal that the situation had only just stopped short of actual collision."
Also noted during flight-testing, was increased safety margins with regard to stalling speed and minimum control speed," said Jim Christy, the company's vice president.
They are BETTER than younger folk when it comes to safety margins and dealing with hazards.