Safe Injection Room

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A place supervised by nurses and social workers where drug users can safely inject illicit drugs
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Safehouse is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that plans to operate a medically supervised safe injection site where high-risk users can safely consume opioids and receive immediate medical care in the event of an overdose.
The legislation follows the example of safe injection sites in cities in other countries, including Vancouver.
"Safe injection sites aren't about reducing drug use," says Beau Kilmer, co-director of the Drug Policy Research Center at the RAND Corporation.
Safe injection sites had emerged in the mid-1980s in a few European cities that, like Vancouver, had concentrated urban drug markets that were often public and associated with urban crime, public disorder, and increased rates of infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis C, and have since then been adopted in many other cities internationally (Fischer et ah, 2004; Kelly & Conigrave, 2002).
The filmic texts and the format of the Insite unit did not entirely eliminate these difficulties, but they did alleviate them to some extent since the people in Fix and Staying Alive, along with members of the panel discussion, were "playing themselves." Clearly, students were differently situated in terms of their personal experience, understandings and opinions about drug use, poverty, harm reduction and a safe injection site, but they were able to use the filmic texts and the panel to both expand their understandings, and as vehicles through which to articulate their own positions.
Davies' article states that two related factors render it very difficult to make the case for a connection between so-called safe injection sites and reductions in infectious disease rates: First, many of the countries that have SIFs [supervised injection facilities] also have low population prevalence rates of HIV.
Three of the most controversial issues in the Canadian struggle are the proposed decriminalization of cannabis, safe injection sites, and the expansion of needle exchange programs.
(4) On June 24 the government announced the opening of the first "safe injection site" in North America in Vancouver, which averages 147 overdose deaths a year.
The struggle for Canada's first legally sanctioned safe injection site (36) has been hard-fought, and the opening of Insite is both a symbolic and a practical victory.
The first harm reduction safe injection site opened in Vancouver in 2003.
Wilson is President of VANDU and together with Livingston works to open a safe injection site. "Together" as we discover well into the film is a complex term as Livingston and Wilson are also trying to work out the emotional intricacies of their personal lives together as partners.
A safe injection site for heroin and cocaine users was opened last month on the same street, but seven blocks down the road.