Safe Injection Room

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A place supervised by nurses and social workers where drug users can safely inject illicit drugs
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But law-enforcement interest groups, which would have needed to stand down around safe injection sites, have been adamant in their opposition to them, and became a force of defeat.
36) Indeed, Insite is North America's only legally sanctioned supervised safe injection site.
Davies' article states that two related factors render it very difficult to make the case for a connection between so-called safe injection sites and reductions in infectious disease rates:
Three of the most controversial issues in the Canadian struggle are the proposed decriminalization of cannabis, safe injection sites, and the expansion of needle exchange programs.
Safe injection sites would go beyond existing needle exchanges by allowing drug use on the premises.
Clearly, students were differently situated in terms of their personal experience, understandings and opinions about drug use, poverty, harm reduction and a safe injection site, but they were able to use the filmic texts and the panel to both expand their understandings, and as vehicles through which to articulate their own positions.
Livingston and Wilson's totally illegal safe injection site is set up, used for an undisclosed period of time, and closes when they are evicted by the landlord.
Surveying 400 addicts, Kerr reports that 92 per cent said they would use the safe injection site.
The Government also supports harm reduction strategies, including safe injection sites.
The proposed legislation would introduce new requirements for safe injection sites and gives the federal government sole authority on whether a facility should receive a legal exemption.
The Quebec government has since announced that it will also allow safe injection sites to open in its major cities.
40) Janice Tibbetts, "Study backs more safe injection sites in Canada," Nationalpost.