Safe Injection Room

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A place supervised by nurses and social workers where drug users can safely inject illicit drugs
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This narrative about injection drug addicts and supervised safe injection sites, and its judicial articulation and endorsement opens up space, perhaps, for enhanced citizenship rights for injection drug users.
One important benefit of this approach was that they did not necessarily have to position themselves in relation to the merits of safe injection sites or the litigation to produce a comprehensive map.
Owen's motives may well be pragmatic--the war on drugs isn't working and safe injection sites have, in European cities, lowered the body count.
Authorities in Quebec have announced that they will also permit the operation of safe injection sites in Quebec City and Montreal.
Do safe injection sites contribute to lowering drug use and fighting addiction?
He's an ex-policeman (where the customers are always wrong), ex-coroner (a real life inspiration for Da Vinci's inquest) and ran for office supporting safe injection sites for addicts in Vancouvers Gastown.
The documentary is a plea for the establishment of safe injection sites in Vancouver.
The new mayor of Vancouver, Larry Campbell, has also taken a strong stand in favour of safe injection sites.
The concluding tide cards announce that the central figure of the documentary, Dean Wilson, a heroin addict and president of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, has failed in his attempts to quit heroin and in his efforts to open safe injection sites.