sacrococcygeal teratoma

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sa·cro·coc·cyg·e·al ter·a·to·ma

found in the region of the coccyx and rectum (embryonic location of the caudal eminence). Most common tumor in newborn infants.
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sa·cro·coc·cyg·e·al ter·a·to·ma

(sākrō-kok-sijē-ăl teră-tōmă)
A germ cell tumor that forms in the region of the caudal eminence; it is the most common tumor in neonates; most affected newborns are girls.
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Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT)

A tumor occurring at the base of the fetus's tailbone.
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Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is an unusual tumour located at the base of the tailbone (coccyx) of a newborn.
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Tumor markers or prognostic factors should be obtained prior to surgery but, in this case, were not obtained because it was thought to be a sacrococcygeal teratoma.
Our patient presented in a similar fashion and we understandably made a misdiagnosis of sacrococcygeal teratoma. Sacrococcygeal teratomas present at birth as sacrococcygeal masses.
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Maternal Mirror Syndrome or pseudotoxemia is a severe maternal condition associated with sacrococcygeal teratoma in fetus (9).
Her only significant medical history was that at birth she was found to have a congenital sacrococcygeal teratoma (Figure 1).
Resection of sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) in fetuses with nonimmune hydrops.
Two of the 123 infants (1.6%) had a birth defect: One was born with sacrococcygeal teratoma and one with a tethered spinal cord.
Prognosis Early diagnosis can improve patient prognosis due to the potential risk of a delayed diagnosis of a sacrococcygeal teratoma Findings on Radiography in the immediate neonatal period Imaging demonstrates a sickle-shaped sacrum and dilated and distended air-filled loops of bowel.