sacred space

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sacred space,

n space—tangible or otherwise—that enables those who acknowledge and accept it to feel reverence and connection with the spiritual.
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Yet I must at the same time know that I am walking in a sacred space with truly holy men and women in war zones and refugee camps, doing endless acts of human kindness, of love, amid their suffering, even their suffering unto death.
We have referred to this, time and again, as sacred space that we go back home to, to be renewed and to reemerge from with 'hearts burning within.
Reiki Energetix in Munster is a diamond in the rough, and my hope is that more people will experience this sacred space of nonjudgment and unconditional love.
In his influential work, The Sacred and the Profane, Mircea Eliade (1959) offered an understanding of the sacred that still resonates within scholarship of sacred space.
72) Certainly, he appears to tolerate their presence, acknowledging the interstitial situation of such profane entities vis-a-vis the sacred space of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, that ultimate destination of any pilgrim to Jerusalem.
Laughter In Sacred Space is replaced with Laughter Is Sacred Space.
Sacred space in the modern city; the fractured pasts of Meiji shrine, 1912-1958.
I called it the Sacred Space because I knew it would be a small haven for some and a bit of an achievement for the lads who brought it about.
First, if there is a shared worship or sacred space, it must inspire awe in everyone who enters, no matter what religion, if any, they follow.
9) It offers possibilities for reconfiguring the relationship of oppositional types of sacred space by performing the spatial accommodation of religious toleration.
As the director of the award-winning documentary film “Sacred Space: Searching for the Source,” and author of 1999's “The Power of Sacred Space: Exploring Ancient Ceremonial Sites,” Cobelo is one of the world's foremost experts on the Earth's ceremonial sacred space.
TOWN council meetings, city allotments or village parenting classes may not stand out as obvious places to find spiritual values, but they may be as important a sacred space as the local church, a vicar from Llandaff has said.