religious objects

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re·li·gious ob·jects

, sacred objects
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I had vowed to devote my life to the sacred object of vindicating my husband's innocence.
My sainted Caroline is a sacred object," cried Aunt Myra, rising as if to leave the room.
The queen looked around her for some sacred object by which she could swear, and taking out of a cupboard hidden in the tapestry, a small coffer of rosewood set in silver, and laying it on the altar:
It carried me into great and unexpected peril; but it is a sacred object, and if it had carried me to death I hope it would have sustained me."
KKK's secret symbols, Rizal's sacred objects at Leon Gallery Auction !-- -- A king's ransom of secret symbols and sacred objects gleam at the next Leon Gallery auction in September.
Since 2017, the Institute of archaeology is engaged in the project of the register of sacred objects of Kazakhstan or the so-called sites of sacral geography.
The catalogue concludes with contemporary images of the next generation of Native students who will possibly care for these sacred objects.
This commitment includes ensuring sacred objects like the Acoma Shield are returned to their rightful owners.
He discusses globalization and shifting cultural trajectories of Hindu sacred objects; bringing God to life: the trajectory of presence and ritual production; putting God on display: interpreting Hindu images through the lens of art, symbolism, and meaning, and transnational Hinduism and shifting trajectories.
The ark of the covenant with its sacred objects was the symbol of God's presence and power.
Taking collectors on a journey through the great civilisations of the world, the sale will pit artists against artisans, sculptures against sacred objects, contemporary art against centuries-old texts on goldsmithing, to present an unrivalled history of nature's most bewitching creation.
It is one of more than 40 vestments and sacred objects loaned by the Vatican to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.