religious objects

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re·li·gious ob·jects

, sacred objects
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A receptacle for such sacred objects as pieces of the
I had vowed to devote my life to the sacred object of vindicating my husband's innocence.
My sainted Caroline is a sacred object," cried Aunt Myra, rising as if to leave the room.
The queen looked around her for some sacred object by which she could swear, and taking out of a cupboard hidden in the tapestry, a small coffer of rosewood set in silver, and laying it on the altar:
It carried me into great and unexpected peril; but it is a sacred object, and if it had carried me to death I hope it would have sustained me.
She who didn't have a hint of soul in her monthly editorials in Vogue, in which, as soon as she took over Grace Mirabella, who took over Diana Vreeland, the true artist, and the only artist ever at the helm of Vogue as EIC, she turned everything like bags and shoes and belts and people, especially herself, into sacred objects, objects worthy of worship, and brandnames, once forbidden in the news, were all of a sudden in the headlines or titles, like The Devil Wears Prada, turning from proper to common nouns, turning into verbs, "Let's FaceTime
John Paul II's pilgrimage route includes sacred objects in ten places in Lithuania.
While looking for ghosts among Mardi Gras revelers in New Orleans, Annja Creed is asked to help recover sacred objects stolen from a church.
Heritage is known by many names, including antiquities, art, artifacts, cultural objects, treasure, loot, sacred objects, cultural resources and cultural property, depending on the background and interests of the stakeholder.
Paying homage to the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations that helped shaped what it is today, the Quezon City government recently launched a book on its ecumenical church heritage, highlighting the significant houses of worship, sacred objects, and important works of art within.
Sacred Objects in Secular Spaces: Exhibiting Asian Religions in Secular Spaces ed Bruce M Sullivan
We strongly condemn what appears to be a deliberate attempt to insult the Christian community by lack of respect for our religious beliefs and the sacred objects that are used for Divine worship.