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an act of seeking expiation through another from guilt for a real or imagined transgression.


n in spiritual and psy-chological practice, a process of acknowledging, repenting, and seeking forgiveness for mistakes.

Patient discussion about confession

Q. How can I confess to my girlfriend that I am bipolar? Not that it really matters, since I cannot attract a woman to save my life, but I was wondering if there is ever a good time to say, "Hey, I am bipolar" and anticipate the reaction. As a bipolar man who is looking for some love and sex, how should I handle the topic, if at all?

A. Thanks JennJ. I think you're right about the group mentality. Thanks.

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The presence of the sacrament of confession in these plays often signals religious, historical, and social differences between Protestant England and Catholic countries.
56) Most tellingly, the introductory paragraph of this climactic chapter identifies the practical "crisis" that the synod saw for penance with "the sacrament of confession.
John Paul II notably begins Misericordia Dei by acknowledging that in the years since his 1984 postsynodal exhortation the "causes of the crisis have not disappeared," including the failure of bishops and priests, to whom he "earnestly appeals]" to "arm themselves with more confidence, creativity and perseverance" in promoting the sacrament of confession.
The portal is the newest attempt in a series of endeavours by the Vatican, including the launch of a YouTube Channel, a Facebook page and iPhone app guiding Catholics through the sacrament of confession - to spread the Holy Word through the Internet to a wider audience.
The sacrament of confession, also practiced by Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians, is normally a very private conversation between penitent and priest.
O'Toole reviews one major devotional practice separating Catholics from other Christians, the sacrament of confession.
While no single factor led to the substantial decline of participation in the sacrament of confession, O'Toole identifies the major components of this phenomenon in the section titled, "In the Court of Conscience: American Catholics and Confession, 1900-1975.
Von Wernich said in his last words to the judges that he never violated the canonical prohibition against a priest revealing information obtained in the Roman Catholic sacrament of confession.
Jodi Bilinkoff's title, Related Lives, refers to the human relationships that developed within the sacrament of confession in the cultures of Catholic Christendom on both sides of the Atlantic from 1450 to 1750.