Sabouraud-Noire instrument

Sa·bou·raud-Noi·ré in·stru·ment

(sah-bū-rō' nwar),
an obsolete device for measuring the quantity of x-rays by means of the change in color of a disk of barium platinocyanide that exposure to them produces; the unit used in this method is called tint B. see erythema dose.
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Raymond Jacques Adrien, French dermatologist, 1864-1938.
Sabouraud agar - a culture medium for fungi. Synonym(s): French proof agar
Sabouraud pastils - disks that undergo a color change when exposed to x-rays, previously used to indicate the administered dose.
Sabouraud syndrome - progressively thinning hair during first 2 months of life; may occur again in adult life. Synonym(s): beaded hair
Sabouraud-Noiré instrument - an obsolete device for measuring the quantity of x-rays.
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