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Albert Bruce (1906–1993). American virologist, born in Bialystok, Poland; he developed an oral vaccine against poliomyelitis; see poliovirus vaccine live oral.
Albert Bruce Sabin. Courtesy Sabin Vaccine Institute.
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Albert B., Polish-U.S. virologist, 1906-1993. See: Sabin vaccine, Sabin-Feldman dye test.
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An obsolete, non-SI (International System) unit of acoustic absorbance.
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A skeleton found at Trem-Y-Cwm in Beddau was discovered to be that of John Sabine, who had moved to the area with Ann in February 1997, from New Zealand.
Salazar Mendiguchia and Sabines Guerrero have one thing in common--they both left the PRI, which had governed Chiapas for generations, for the opportunity to represent a coalition of parties in the Chiapas gubernatorial elections.
Rome's second king, Numa Pompilius--a Sabine statesman who refused an offer of the kingship until a large body of his fellow-citizens persuaded him to accept--set about civilizing the Romans and refining the crude despotism of his predecessor.
Other, later pictures of the Romans and Sabines, however, do not show a singular prominent female like Hersilia; indeed, soon after some paintings tend to include extreme sexual violence (e.g., Bartolommeo di Giovanni panel ca.
Advising young men hopeful of finding willing maidens very different from t he recalcitrant Sabines, Ovid suggests that the theater is the very best place to begin: "Here you will find women to your taste: one for a moment's dalliance, another to fondle and caress, another to have all for your own" (1.90-92).