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Albert Bruce (1906–1993). American virologist, born in Bialystok, Poland; he developed an oral vaccine against poliomyelitis; see poliovirus vaccine live oral.
Albert Bruce Sabin. Courtesy Sabin Vaccine Institute.


Albert B., Polish-U.S. virologist, 1906-1993. See: Sabin vaccine, Sabin-Feldman dye test.


An obsolete, non-SI (International System) unit of acoustic absorbance.
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The vision of Andy Sabin and his family will have a positive, far-reaching impact for generations to come.
Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor, president of Sabin, director of the Sabin PDP and director of Sabin Vaccine Institute Texas Children's Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.
Sabin still thinks the extension of term limits and the commission to recommend legislative (and constitutional officer) salaries were acceptable in order to get the ethics reform that we got.
Sabin should provide an explanation for the numbing repetition of this process.
Four former parliamentarians including Sabin Rizvi, Araish Kumar, Arif Aziz and Donia Aziz admitted before the court that they hold dual citizenship and they filed their replies.
Sabin carries a BFA from the University of Georgia in Digital Media and also has a background in Art History having studied British Landscape Painting and Concepts at Oxford University.
Maybe the truest growth of Tidal Rave was the addition of vocalists, encouraged by Sabin to shout manifestos of positivity--We are the true love fantasy/We are the whispers of ecstasy dreams--like they're a game of Marco Polo in a YMCA pool.
Mr Evans said: "I went and met Sabin and we did the operation a few days later.
The museum is now calling on riders to join Mick on his challenge and is trying to trace any relatives of Tom Sabin who may have any of his medals.
Sabin was a founder and chairman of Salton, the housewares company best known for its George Foreman grills.
Scott Sabin, a former pupil of Cradley High School, is part of the crew of HMS Illustrious, the Royal Navy's Fleet
The on-loan Chesterfield striker converted a second-half penalty after Shaun Pejic was adjudged to have felled Eric Sabin, cancelling out Wrexham midfielder Matt Crowell's earlier effort.