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Synergy between PCI with Taxus and Cardiac Surgery. A trial that compared the outcomes of coronary artery bypass to that of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) plus drug eluting stents
Conclusion At the 1-year mark, CABG is better; 5- and 10-year re-assessments were planned at the study’s conclusion
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Dr Syntax, like Gilpin a clergyman/schoolmaster, had originally been conceived as a fat man, based on one of Rowlandson's wealthy patrons, a 24-stone 'walking turtle'.
He remained at MIT until the late 1980s and made many groundbreaking contributions in syntax. Many of these discoveries, such as syntactic island effects, pied-piping, sluicing, and gapping, have become such an integral part of the literature that they no longer require citation.
Sollito said the merger with Syntax gives Brillian "the opportunity to be a full-service HDTV company from small LCD TVs to 80- to 90-inch LCOS." The merger could allow Brillian to exercise a two-pronged sales strategy, he added.
Syntax have recently finished a tour with the Scissor Sisters.
Ellipsis begins in the role of syntax. For instance, to the comment, "I only received the letters yesterday," the wise guy responds, "You didn't open them?" Although this misplaced modifier doesn't impede spoken communication, it does reveal how, because English has relatively little of the grammatical glue enjoyed by other languages, we must pay close attention to the role of syntax in written communication.
Syntax: title:"Information power nine information literacy standards'
In the present study, we intended to assess WMR, has emerged as a novel inflammatory marker, on admission in patients with NSTEMI, and its further association with SYNTAX score.
"A lot of research on language learning focuses on syntax, like word order," Piantadosi said.
Intense language contact in the region for many centuries has led to many convergent features in Balkan syntax and in related matters of grammar, in particular with regard to morpho-syntax and the syntax-semantics interface, they say, and in that light, the investigate what processes of language contact can affect the syntax of languages, and what types of linguistic structure do bilingual or multilingual speakers prefer.
Syntax Systems, a Canada-based ERP services provider, has announced it has agreed to acquire German IT services company Freudenberg IT (FIT), to enter the SAP application market, the company said.
28 January 2019 - Canada-based ERP services provider Syntax Systems has agreed to acquire German IT services company Freudenberg IT (FIT), to enter the SAP application market, the company said.