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SVC will become HMA Medicaid Market Solutions, a new subsidiary of HMA.
In patients with right-sided pulmonary veins draining at the junction of right atrium and superior vena cava (SVC), SVC was cannulated higher.
However, unlike to the majority of the cases of SVC syndrome, the chest X-ray (posteroanterior view) did not show any obvious mass lesion, mediastinal widening, or hilar enlargement, which resulted in a diagnostic dilemma regarding aetiology of the current case.
This impact is minimized through virtual inertial support by installing FACTS like SVC at various locations near QAPVSPP.
SVC Bank selected Thinspace TSE for its implementations because of its easy deployment, local, high quality support, web based management and Opex-model pricing.
Composed of a stainless steel frame, the SVC offers manufacturers a streamlined design for clutter-free workspaces, simplifying operations.
Performance analysis of the SVC has shown that it can achieve high compression ratios (Wien et al., 2007).
The thyroid tumour was found within the lumen of SVC causing complete occlusion.
Pipeline operators are increasingly looking to Static VAR Compensator (SVC) solutions to stabilize voltage disturbances stemming from the operation of large motors at compressor and pumping stations.