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The authors concluded that an additional Burch colposuspension at the time of abdominal sacrocolpopexy significantly reduced the risk of SUI.
If Sui is a white whale in the two men's lives, she represents, beyond obsession, sacred purity and wondrous nature.
Sui Sin Far's stories of miscegenation or interracial love often involve the death of characters, and few end happily.
Surgery for SUI is designed to restore support to the bladder neck and to improve bladder outlet resistance without causing bladder outlet obstruction.
Additionally, the manuals oriented inmates to available SUI furniture products.
These trusts were created to help nonprofits better manage SUI costs.
An idealist, visionary, and devotee of Melville, Doria converts Sui into a kind of Moby Dick -- style allegory representing, on the one hand, a Christ-like capacity for measureless love and sacrifice, and on the other, boundless cruelty.
In the case of Sui field, the designated buyers were Sui Northern Gas Pipelines and Sui Southern Gas Company.
For example, many authors recommend treating OSUI simultaneously during surgical correction of the prolapse; however, this approach may lead to SUI overtreatment and increased complication risks.
Managing Director, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited along with female executives and staff cut the cake and paid homage to women from all walks of life and said that women meaningful participation at both domestic and office level is necessary for national development.
The study, which was completed in August 2017, recommended that for prior years Ogra may issue directives to do away with the provisional final revenue requirement by evaluating performance of Sui gas companies in relation to the proposed key monitoring indicators.
In January 2005, the law and order problem at Sui in Dera Bugti district had led to the countrywide gas load-shedding for many days, as the damaged gas plants at Sui were to be repaired.