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sudden unexplained death in epilepsy

A diagnosis which requires an autopsy for the death to be so labelled, which is defined as a “…sudden (in minutes to hours), unexpected (i.e., in his or her usual state of health during normal activities), witnessed or unwitnessed, non-traumatic and non-drowning death in a patient with known epilepsy, with or without evidence of seizure and excluding documented status epilepticus, in which post-mortem examination doesn’t reveal an anatomical or toxicologic cause of death.”

By definition, SUDEP is a diagnosis of exclusion and not due to any medical cause of death, respiratory disease (e.g., suffocation, asphyxia, aspiration, apnoea or respiratory failure), neurogenic pulmonary oedema, or cardiac disease (e.g., sympathetic (arrhythmias) or parasympathetic (bradycardia, asystole) activity). Post-mortem examinations in such patients is intended to exclude microscopic causes of death, e.g., myocardial fibrosis, pulmonary oedema, cerebral oedema.


sudden unexpected (or unexplained) death in epilepsy.
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SUDEP is rarely, if ever, put down as the cause of death, and Owen's death was formally recorded as "unascertained".
Charities like SUDEP Action are still doing all they can to help research seizures and we hope to do anything we can to support them.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that there is equality in gender distribution among SUDEP patients, that the young adult population has a slightly increased risk for SUDEP, and that the inconsistent use of antiepileptic medicines is a greater risk factor for SUDEP than polytherapy.
These findings would seem to support the basic premise of this study that SUDEP and its relationship to nighttime sleep would be the most major variable affecting nighttime sleep quality and subsequent daytime sleepiness.
Funds raised in her memory have helped develop the Epilepsy Self Monitor app in partnership with charity SUDEP Action.
professor and chairman of neurology, and professor of molecular physiology and biophysics, and neurosurgery at the UI Carver College of Medicine, also an author on the paper, says, "These findings provide an explanation for why SUDEP occurs after seizures, because patients would stop breathing but be completely unaware that their blood oxygen levels are progressively dropping to fatally low levels.
SUDEP is uncommon and in some cases may be preventable.
New research published in Epilepsia a journal published by Wiley on behalf of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) reports that 76% of caregivers are more likely to have heard of SUDEP compared with 65% of patients with epilepsy.
These children have higher risks of SUDEP, and 18% have immunologic disorders.
The mum-of-two, from Dickens Heath, tragically died in the spring of 2013 from SUDEP - sudden death in epilepsy.
Stevens said doctors believe Drew died from SUDEP, or sudden unexplained death in epilepsy, but they really aren't sure.
Half of them wanted to know about SUDEP at the diagnosis of epilepsy.