ST segment

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RST seg·'ment

the part of the electrocardiogram between the QRS complex and the T wave. Virtually never distinct in normal hearts in which it forms the initial limb of the T wave without an agreed endpoint.
Synonym(s): ST segment

ST seg·ment

The part of an electrocardiographic tracing that begins at the end of a QRS complex, contains the J point, and ends at the beginning of the ensuing T wave.

ST segment

, S-T segment
The line on an electrocardiogram that begins with the end of the QRS complex and ends at the beginning of the T wave. The height of the ST segment is normally equal to that of the P-R interval and the TP interval. ST segment elevation is found in patients with acute myocardial infarction and other conditions. ST segment depression is an indicator of coronary ischemia.
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In our study, ST segment elevation in precordial leads with reciprocal ST depression of >1 mm in inferior leads was seen among 155 (77.
ECG revealed ST segment elevation in leads D1, D2, aVL, aVF, V3, V4, V5, and V6 (Figure 1).
Acute ischemia that is typically a consequence of coronary artery occlusion is associated with ST segment elevation on ECG leads, whose positive poles are located over the ischemic region and with reciprocal ST depression in leads whose positive poles are oriented in the opposite direction [13].
Graph 1: ST Segment Pattern Among 50 IHD Cases ST segment pattern ST elevation 58% ST depression 26% ST iso-electric 16% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Cardiac biomarkers were negative and after 7 days the ECG abnormalities (horizontal ST segment depression and T-wave inversion in inferior and lateral leads) have disappeared (Figure 4).
Complications were higher in patients with elevated ST segments in V4R (51%) in contrast to those without RVI (21%).
The parameters analysed were: the clinical features (chest pain, breathlessness) and demographics of the sample population, the onset of ST depression, the magnitude and type of ST segment depression in relation to disease, the time to ST segment recovery in relation to true positive (TP) test versus false positive (FP) test, the total duration of ST segment depression during exercise and recovery (total ischemic time (TIT)) of TP in relation to FP tests, the double product and analysis of time course recovery patterns in TP in relation to FP tests.
Alternatively, a decrease in vagal tone during anaesthesia may have been responsible for these changes, although after checking the athletes previous exercise stress test, the ST segment changes noted during anaesthesia were not present while exercising.
These combined effects result in a decrease in coronary perfusion and an increase in oxygen consumption," conceivably leading to myocardial injury as evidenced by elevated serum cardiac troponin or EKG ST segment change, explained Dr.
As per the American College of Cardiology (ACC)/the American Heart Association's (AHA) 2004 Guidelines (20) for ST segment elevation, the goal is to keep total ischaemic time within 120 min.
A heart attack with an elevated ST segment, which shows a noticeable heart rate change on electrocardiogram, is caused by a long period of blocked blood supply.