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Abbreviation for:
second primary tumour
secretin-pancreozymin test
serine palmitoyl
single patient trial
single primary tumour
skin-prick test
Specialist Planning Team 
Specialist Trainee (usually SpT)
supportive periodontal therapy
symptomatic palatal tremor
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skin prick test



A means of assessing hypersensitivity to an allergen in which a small quantity of a suspected allergen is placed on the end of a needle, which is then used to penetrate the skin. A positive reaction to the test occurs when a wheal rises at the puncture site.


SPT occasionally triggers life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). Patients undergoing allergy testing should be closely monitored for wheezing, stridor, hypotension, tachycardia, and other findings that suggest anaphylaxis or anaphylactoid reactions. They should be promptly treated with intramuscular epinephrine, antihistamines, inhaled bronchodilators, and oxygen if any of these reactions occur. Corticosteroids are used to prevent a biphasic reaction, in which symptoms recur several hours after initial treatment. Clinics where skin prick tests are performed should have a stock of resuscitation equipment ready in the room during allergy testing.
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"SPT has invited the submissions of bids to operate a subsidised bus service outwith the operational times of this new service on a temporary basis so we can monitor travel patterns and usage."
Berenson & Company consulted SPT on the deal, while CSC received advice from Lepe Partners.
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These most recent SPT findings are only the latest scientifically significant results produced by NSF-funded researchers using the telescope in the five years since it became active, noted Vladimir Papitashvili, Antarctic Astrophysics and Geospace Sciences program director in NSF's Office of Polar Programs.
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Serum-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE), atopy patch testing (APT), and skin prick testing (SPT) are all alternatives to OFC, but the likelihood ratios are not robust and the tests vary widely in sensitivity and specificity to different allergens.