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An acronym for Sonotherapy Prevention of Late Arterial In-Stent Hyperplasia
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You can also follow the Claire House Splash Dash on Twitter @CHSplashDash or Facebook.
Pupiils put the splash into splash day in a series of activities including a mud run
All 10 (100%) case-patients had water splashed in their face while playing in the splash pad, compared with 19 (90%) of 21 control subjects.
Raza Beig, director - Landmark Group and CEO - Splash & ICONIC, said, "Born and bred in the Middle East, we at Splash understand the fashion sensibilities of the Arab consumer and to represent this fashion, we have brought together mega stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.
It is on track to rollout the Enhanced Splash Direct Sales On-Line System in the second semester of 2015 to enable closer monitoring of all aspects of the operations and transactions of the direct sales network.
I am truly happy to be associated with Splash, a brand that caters to a wide audience and offers them the best collection at such good prices.
Speaking about the news, Raza Beig, CEO of Splash, said: "We are very excited to have star and style icon Sal- man Khan as the face of Splash in the region.
Splash is well known for its trendy and fashionable collections with a broad appeal that caters to every need in a family, it is known for its innovative events and campaigns while Salman is known for creating everlasting fashion moments, he is an icon with mass appeal and is known for his Innovative acumen, thus making the two brands an instant fit.
Is Splash monitoring quality of products as customers are very quality conscious?
Each season the Splash Fashion Shows are uniquely themed keeping in sync with the latest International cat-walk trends and this season Splash's AW'12 collection is inspired by the majestic figures of our world and a setting that included seasonal imagery," remarked Raza Beig, the CEO of Splash & Iconic.
The UAE's own high-street brand Splash has unveiled its uni-brand concept across all its stores.
Whether you've got a bit more to splash or are saving hard for your wedding, you will find your cash can stretch a lot further without skimping on style as our snapshot of the essentials for him and her shows.