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A gene on chromosome 7p15.2 that encodes a sequence-specific DNA-binding transcription factor of a developmental regulatory system, which provides cells with specific positional identities on the anterior-posterior axis.

Molecular pathology
Expansion of a polyalanine tail in the HOXD13 protein is linked to hand-foot-uterus/genital syndrome.


salmon poisoning disease.
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The AfD, which would be the biggest opposition party in Germany as the SPD joins the government, vowed to go after Merkel's CDU over its "continuation of the immigration policy without imposing a limit.
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Endorsed Members may be invited to become members of the SPD Advisory Board, which reviews all presentations and speakers prior to their acceptance as SPD presenters, ensuring the continued excellence of SPD programs.
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Harary, President and CEO of Research Frontiers, noted: "In 2009, the SPD industry's supply chain infrastructure experienced a steady stream of important developments from large multinational companies licensed by Research Frontiers, such as Hitachi Chemical's announcement that they commenced mass-production of wide-width SPD film at a new production facility.
02 percent members of 463,723 eligible SPD members voted in favour of renewing the constellation that has governed Germany for the last four years," SPD treasurer, Dietmar Nietan, confirmed at the party's headquarters in Berlin, The Guardian reported.
An influential member of Angela Merkel's conservatives on Friday urged the German chancellor to form a minority government instead of a planned alliance with the Social Democrats (SPD), saying the SPD would not be a reliable partner.