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J.F., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Sotos syndrome.


A gene on chromosome 5q35 that encodes a protein that  enhances androgen receptor transactivation, especially in the presence of other androgen receptor-associated coregulators. NSD1 acts as a nucleus-localised, basic transcriptional factor and as a bifunctional transcriptional regulator.

Molecular pathology
NSD1 mutations cause Sotos syndrome and Weaver syndrome, as well as a form of childhood acute myeloid leukaemia with a cryptic translocation, with breakpoints occurring within nuclear receptor-binding Su-var, enhancer of zeste, trithorax domain protein 1 on chromosome 5 and nucleoporin 98-kD on chromosome 11.
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Department investigators later found that the reasons cited for failing the Sotos were unjustified, and approved their Home Study - a reversal that county attorneys failed to mention to appellate court justices ruling on the case.
She blamed the Sotos for creating the traumatic separation of Harry from their family by dragging out the legal battle.
Like so many who have had run-ins with the department, the Sotos are having a hard time letting go.