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Following its launch in Q2, Social News Desk's newest product, SND On Air, has been rapidly embraced for its ease of use and slick integration with SND's publishing tool, SND Dashboard.
The memo concluded with a comprehensive proposal to transcend this strategic difference, as posed by the following interrelated issues: i) COH leading to CSA, ii) the SND, and iii) stop armed conflicts and achieve peace in the whole of Sudan, in particular Darfur.
Since the air-diffuser position resulted in the formation of aerobic or anoxic zone, the performance of nitrogen removal through SND might be compared to the separated reactions of nitrification and denitrification.
The SND Frankfurt conference -- from September 25 to 27 -- will have a special session on the Middle East trends.
Muidugi--mis nad Eestist teadsid, neil ei olnud aimugi, mis elu siin varem oli (Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiivi digitaalsalvestis arvuti kovakettal (ERA, DH) 30 (101) < Elva < Tallinn < Kemerovo obl, Jurjevi k < naine, snd 1937).
An important contribution of this article is that it explores SND issues and their characteristics at a bank level and, also uniquely, considers them in relation to regulatory, structural, and economic events that either are specific to the UK or affect international banks.
LeBreton tells us about Dorothy's early life, her formation as an SND, which led to her first mission in parish schools in Phoenix, Arizona, and during the years of Vatican II, subsequent move beyond the parish boundaries to work with the children of Mexican immigrant labourers and Navajos.
IJM Plantations, through its subsidiary Gunaria Snd Bhd, acquired 95% of PT Zarhasih Kaltim Perkasa early in April.
Its registration number is very similar to T926 SND.
This building began in 1963 as the St Margaret Clitherow School for girls and its first headmistress was Sr Gabriel Mary Standen SND, who died on February 12 this year, aged 94.
A Brazilian court found Rayfran das Neves Sales and Clodoaldo Carlos Batista guilty of the 2005 murder of 73-year-old Catholic sister Dorothy Stang, SND.