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The flight AI 143, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, got delayed due to the snag and that apparently angered the pilot.
Anglers will tell you you re most likely to get a bite within a metre or so of a snag, so it s great to see this work happening.
On its way to Kozhikode, another snag cropped up and an alarm sounded in the cockpit, following which it was diverted to Mumbai.
To my further surprise, the account statement slip I was handed over reflected the withdrawal of Rs3,000 only," said a customer who benefited from the machine's technical snag.
The rig was attached to a lead-clip, crucial when fishing against snags - so if a fish fights its way into the snags it shouldn't become tethered, as the lead would pull off easily.
A flight testing of the Indigenous Cryogenic Engine Stage, in April, and as you know we had some snags there.
BLUE RIVER - A roll of gray foam, some 1-inch PVC pipe, torn up strips of blanket, paint and several handfuls of moss: It doesn't, at first blush, suggest the woody realities of a forest snag.
One snag for Chelsea is that Aguero might have to accept a pay-cut to join them because of British tax laws.
2005) suggested that the reduced concentration of nootkatin and carvacol may be responsible for diminished decay resistance in the wood from older class 5 snags reported by DeGroot et al.
Of course, he wouldn't say what those snags were, but he did say that, since the store couldn't open for the Christmas shopping season, a decision was made to wait until March, which is a busy time for outdoors outfitters.
The neighboring rancher, who was running cows on the place and was responsible for fencing, came by while they were thinning in the snow and started cutting tamarack snags for fence posts.