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New Delhi, [India] Mar 14 ( ANI ): Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha on Wednesday told the Rajya Sabha that a total of 24,791 defects/ snags were reported by various airlines in 2017 in connection with the recent grounding of 11 Airbus 320 neo aircraft.
The purpose of this study was to document how the abundance of snags at a particular site changed over 23 y of savanna restoration by fire and to document changes in the savanna breeding bird community along a gradient of snag abundance.
As most snags occur while lures are moving forward, lure knockers strike their target front-to-back with a motion intended to push the bait away from its entrapment.
Snags THESE often appear in the form of "but" statements that get in the way of change.
The major reasons for non-functioning/mal-functioning of ATMs noticed in the survey were -- technical snag, non - availability of network, power failure and non-availability of cash.
A flight engineer was addressing the snag over which he entered into some argument with the pilot, according to an eyewitness account.
Conclusions: On the basis of this study it is proved that cervical SNAGS is more effective for the treatment of cervicegenic headaches as compared to PAVMs.
These two features separate Krudo's SNAGs from the pack and his line just keeps expanding.
This extends thread life plus reduces mat snags when bolting.
All 3 woodpecker species most frequently excavated cavities in well-decayed snags.
Roy, said it happened due to some technical snags in the ATM machine.