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SMT, See therapy, spinal manual.
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SMT equipment software providers must differentiate their products based on value-added service, rather than competing on cost.
Conversely, he does not use SMT on patients who may have pain caused by nerve impingement, and he rarely uses HVLA to correct problems in the cervical spine--HVLA has been associated with a very low risk of vascular injury, stroke or death when used in the neck.
Kai kurie tarptautiniai denotatai neadaptuoti prie lietuviu kalbos priebalsiu sistemos, tiesiog prideta galune: carbolineumas SMT 2: 18 (=karbolineumas), oxidas SMT 5: 1 (=oksidas).
Another study (6) of 22 patients compared SMT with 2 different controls (palpation and rest) for acute tension-type headache.
SMT machine lines are streamlined high-performance machines, optimized with some of the most sophisticated tools seen in manufacturing.
This expansion factor of plastic material would normally produce considerable stress on those fixed SMT pins.
SMT Limited may not be typical of all Chinese electronics manufacturers-some are still struggling with poor infrastructure and quality levels, and, certainly, all Chinese workers don't enjoy the same living environment of SMT Limited's employees.
SMT's acquisition of IDS opens new markets for SMT's current products and services by IDS providing SMT (1) access to a new sector of live event scoring and display systems; (2) better integration opportunities to the official scoring systems for golf, tennis, NBA, NHL, UFC and the Dew Tour; and (3) a toehold into Europe, Australia and Asia.
SMT's DMX Switchboard (Data Matrix Switchboard([R])) will absorb, collate and synchronize the vast amount of streaming data from multiple social media sources into a proprietary SMT database.
The addition of DIMA SMT equipment to our portfolio allows us to better serve our customers throughout the entire SMT volume range.
Surface mount technology (SMT) soldering equipment plays a vital role in the SMT assembly line.
Kapton polyimide film remains stable across a wide range of temperatures and is suitable for use in high-temperature SMT manufacturing.