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Abbreviation for straight leg raising.

straight-leg-raising (SLR) test

a physical examination technique to determine abnormality of the sciatic nerve or tightness of the hamstrings. The presence of sciatica is confirmed by sciatic nerve pain radiating down the limb when the supine person attempts to raise the straightened limb.


Abbreviation for:
Service Line Reporting 
short latency response
Shwartzman local reaction
straight leg raise
subthalamic locomotor region


n straight leg raise. 1. a position used to assess the potential shortened length of the upper and lower hamstrings. The patient flexes his hip and knee while the practitioner, using minimal force, straightens the leg to test for a restriction barrier. The other leg should be straight or flexed and remain on the table.
2. evaluation procedure in back pain to assess disk disease.
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The most important event of the post-sanatorium era was the trial of Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT) for the first time in the world at SLRS.
In 1975 SLRS became SLRC--the 'Sanatorium' was now a 'medical centre.
Unlike TB sanatoria, where there were also sanatoria for the privileged ones with restricted entry for the wealthy, (42) leprosy sanatoria were only for the underprivileged, and sanatoria such as SLRS had the facility of private rooms for those who could afford it.
SLRS in this review also illustrates the medical and social history of leprosy that existed between late 1940s through early 1970s.