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For many leprosy patients a sanatorium was not just a treatment place but also a home where they could hide, away from the stigma and associated suffering of this disease; SLRS was no exception to this.
The working results of tea companies for 1997 are yet to come in, but the macro-level feedback is that, barring a few nonviable estates in the mid-country, all others would have generated a comfortable surplus, the average margin being about SLRs 25/kg.
"It's the right moment for Nikon to enter the market" for mirrorless SLRS, Okamoto said.
In early June, Kodak advised dealers it was discontinuing its professional digital SLRs.
What are some of the advantages of DSLRs compared with film SLRs? As with all digital cameras, you get instant results.
Speaking to Vodafone in blog post published Friday, HTC's Symon Whitehorn said that optical zoom is the wall that stands between smartphone cameras and digital SLRs (single-lens reflex), Cnet reported.
They're something like SLRs (single-lens reflex) cameras, because they have huge sensors and interchangeable lenses.
This update of the 2004 edition incorporates the latest trends in digital cameras, e.g., increasingly affordable digital SLRs. Long, a San Francisco-based freelance photographer/writer, offers photographers of all skill levels a primer on basic photography concepts and hardware selection; technical information (e.g., the difference between shooting JPEG and raw data images); and illustrated examples and tutorials focusing largely on post-shoot Adobe Photoshop applications.
The switchover to digital SLRs has been made easier by their compatibility with existing lenses made for 35mm film cameras.
The camera will be available under various names - "Dynax 5D" in Europe, "Maxxum 5D" in North America and "alpha sweet" in Japan and will be able to use interchangeable lenses as with all digital SLRs. Konica said it will also have anti-shake technology to reduce photo blur and will be about 20% lighter than the "alpha 7", the first digital SLR released by Konica in 2004.
With consumers already snapping up $1,000 digital camcorders, is there a market for interchangeable-lens digital SLRs with prosumer features and street prices lower than $1,000?
Newer SLRs use battery power to keep the shutter open; older cameras do not.