SLAP lesion

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SLAP le·sion

(slap lē'zhŭn)
Acronymic term for the traumatic tear of the superior part of the glenoid labrum that begins posteriorly and extends anteriorly [superior labrum, anterior-posterior].
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A SLAP tear is initially diagnosed through a thorough physical examination by a physician, a physician's assistant, a nurse practitioner, a physical therapist or an athletic trainer.
Dr Tamunokuro said that major causes of shoulder pain are from shoulder problems such as injury, degenerative problems like arthritis, nerve problems, and other soft tissue injuries like a shoulder sprain or SLAP tear.
ABC Seaman's wrist doctor testified that he would not perform wrist surgery until repair of his SLAP tear in his shoulder was nearly complete.
At surgery a locked buckle handle SLAP tear extending from 11 O'clock to 8 O'clock was recognized and the bucket handle excised.
First, contrast within a SLAP tear is directed away from the interface between the fibrocartilaginous labrum and the osseous glenoid (Figure 3).
"It was frustrating because the injury happened the week before the first friendly, it was what's known as a SLAP tear and is quite technical, and it just took a lot of rest, rehab and strengthening exercises to put right.
Multiple special physical examination tests exist to aid in the diagnosis of a SLAP tear, including the dynamic labral shear test, biceps load test, and labral tension test.
Four SLAP lesions were detected on conventional MRI while MR arthrography detected SLAP tears in 7 patients.
For the shoulder specialist, we include an algorithm of the treatment of Hill-Sachs lesions and discuss the role of biceps tenodesis in SLAP tears. The sports section is rounded out with an evidence-based review of bone marrow aspirate, platelet-rich plasma, and other alternative therapeutic modalities.
These include SLAP tears, anterior tears, posterior tears and Bankart tears.
Images were analyzed for the presence or absence of superior labral antero-posterior tears (SLAP tears), and anterior or posterior labral tears.