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Spectral Karyotyping. A form of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) used to visualise genetic and chromosomal patterns and defects via spectral-imaging hard/software technique. SKY labels each chromosome with a different colour
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Hoevens amendment ensures that pilots are able to train using UAS training academies, like those at Grand Sky Technology Park, adjacent to Grand Forks Air Force Base.
Town Sky Technology Group Limited is China's premier solutions provider, specializing in Internet Protocol and broadband communications infrastructure and offering combined data, voice multimedia networking to major customers of Telcos, Internet Service Providers, private enterprises, and government organizations.
We have found a number of ISVs scheduled to invest large sums of capital into R&D in the redesign of their current apps to take advantage of the ASP model," commented Chris Sarian, Managing Partner of Blue Sky Technology Services; "this is both costly and time consuming.
A Hoeven-sponsored amendment allowing the National Guard to send unmanned aircraft pilots for the MQ-9 Reaper to a civilian contractor, like General Atomics at the Grand Sky Technology Park, to assist the Air Force with training.
The Synthetic Vision contract complements the HITS contract and will significantly improve the detail and accuracy of 3-D terrain imagery utilized by Highway in the Sky technology.
Yesterday, Hoeven was at the Grand Sky Technology Park to help mark the opening of General Atomics new Flight Test and Training Center.
Blue Sky Technology Services, a south Florida based Application Service Provider (ASP) and Internet technology firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with CiberLynx, Inc.
Senator John Hoeven today marked the grand opening of General Atomics new Flight Test and Training Center at the Grand Sky Technology Park.