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NESCO Chairman and CEO Eddy Patterson commented, "With our Encompass monitoring equipment and Sitetrac.
Once NESCO installs monitoring equipment and where telephone lines are available to transmit information, NESCO's SiteTrac system has the capability to remotely monitor the fuel purchases, sales, and system alarms and to post the results daily to a web page and/or respond to a system alarm.
The initial revenues from existing SiteTrac contracts were received during the third quarter.
National Environmental Service Company (NESCO), (NASDAQ: NESC) today announced it has completed the acquisition of the product lines of the Encompass, SiteTrac and Soil Sentry businesses from Arizona Instrument Corporation (NASDAQ: AZIC) (AZI).
The SiteTrac system provides comprehensive site monitoring and data collection capabilities, including the monitoring of existing Encompass hardware in addition to third party devices.
Patterson continued, "Reports will be able to be delivered on demand via the new SiteTrac web server or will be pushed onto decision makers desktops automatically.
Clarus' SITEtrac system significantly advances the evolution of minimally invasive surgery.
The soon-to-be-released SITEtrac System joins Clarus' other spinal products including SITEprobe(TM), an easy-to-use, low-cost diagnostic endoscopy system; PercScope(TM), a percutaneous discectomy system which provides endoscopic visualization, suction, flush and an integrated 2 or 3 mm working channel; SpineScope(TM), allowing percutaneous sacral access to the lumbar epidural space and; LASE(TM), a percutaneous disc decompression system which integrates laser, imaging and irrigation in one small catheter.
This SITEtrac clearance completes our next generation of reusable endoscopic spinal products.
The SITEtrac system allows surgeons to perform microdiscectomy, an invasive spine surgery, endoscopically.