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Gorbunova discovered that the sirtuin SIRT6 could more than triple the repair of DNA damage.
In addition, while the expression levels of histone deacetylases such as HDAC1, SIRT1 and SIRT6 are increased in IMR 90 cells in the presence of scopoletin, the expression levels of histone acetyltransferases are decreased.
TyrRS's activation of PARP-1 led, in turn, to the activation of a host of protective genes including the tumor-suppressor gene p53 and the longevity genes FOXO3A and SIRT6.
For example, SIRT6 acts as a nutrient sensor by linking epigenetic gene silencing and cellular energetics in maintaining genome stability and tumor suppression.
According to the new joint study by the University of Michigan Health System and Harvard Medical School, loss of the SIRT6 protein in mice increases the number, size and aggressiveness of tumors.
By increasing SIRT6 levels, cells were able to stimulate their ability to repair double strand breaks.
One involved a molecule known as SIRT6 -- a member of the sirtuin family of proteins that modulate life span in organisms such as yeast and worms -- that Chua's laboratory has been studying for several years.
30) SIRT6, on the other hand, is able to protect normal mice from DNA damage, (31) and SIRT6 promotes repair of DNA damage.
The scientists manipulated the gene, SIRT6, in laboratory mice and found it extended their lifespan by up to 15 per cent, the Daily Express reported.
Mice induced to make extra amounts of SIRT6 showed similar protection against the damaging effects of a high fat diet as mice that have been fed resveratrol, despite the fact that resveratrol stimulates SIRT1 but not SIRT6.
They compared mice genetically engineered to have increased levels of SIRT6 with normal mice, engineering the mice in two different ways to control for genetic influences.