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SIS provides a less concrete compliance incentive than SEPS. The latter says to the offender: "this will be your custody sentence if you do not cooperate." SIS also makes a much less effective expressive statement about the seriousness of the offender's crime.
Absent rigorous enforcement of effective FRAND commitments or a suitable alternative, SEP holders could take advantage of lock-in to exploit their substantial ex post market power by charging royalties far above the ex ante value of the patented technology, tying non-SEPs to SEPs, and implementing other means discussed below.
The SEP process is supposed to push healthy people to pay for coverage even when they feel fine, by reducing their ability to get coverage immediately the day they need a heart transplant.
Many insurers and insurer groups have submitted comments praising the new SEP verification rules, but a scan of the 4,017 comments submitted suggests that only a few comments from insurers and agents mention first-hand encounters with individual health enrollment problems.
On the RuO4 stained images, bright unstained areas corresponding to PP and dark stained dots corresponding to the styrene blocks of SEPS can be seen.
* The SEPs provide unique opportunities for academic staff to assess the relevance and the effectiveness of their teaching.
100 crores claiming that the manufacturer had infringed upon SEPs pertaining to 2G and 3G wireless technologies.
Ask a layperson whether injunctions should be available for standard-essential patents (SEPs), and he or she will probably say no because the technology is "essential" to practice the "standard." But the analysis is not that simple.
A Principal Axis Factoring (PAF) analysis with promax rotation was conducted to determine the dimensionality of the SEPS. Based on the proven criteria, four-factor solutions (eigenvalues greater than 1) with explained variables of 47.502% provided the optimal factor structure, conceptually and statistically.
However, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) prohibited transaction rules apply to IRAs-including SEPs and SIMPLEs-and to one-person, non-ERISA plans.