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Soft enhancer of percutaneous absorption Therapeutics A technology that enhances transdermal drug delivery. See Transcutaneous therapy.
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Both gaseous and aqueous discharges arising from the normal plant operations remain at levels well below those authorised by SEPA.
In contrast, under SEPA, banks are not allowed to cut or change any data fields as payments flow through the end-to-end process.
While POBO and to a lesser extent COBO are fairly established business practices, they have the potential to become much more effective liquidity management tools under SEPA.
Lengthy deadlines and SEPA zone uncertainty, can be held partly to blame for the lack of take-up; but the fact remains that 1 February 2014 is a fast looming deadline and 'wait and see' is no longer a viable option.
Sibos is the main annual event of the global financial services community making the event an ideal platform for EastNets to discuss issues surrounding two critical topics: FATCA and SEPA.
Pleas from residents, politicians, environmentalists and SEPA have fallen on deaf ears before but we can't continue down that route.
The SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) system imposes a mandatory duty to switch existing payments applications and databases in favour of new payment schemes.
The SEPA during the year 2008 visited Germany with a group of delegates to learn the details of policies and solar market in the country.
The complete lack of security regarding key aspects of SEPA Direct Debit is practically a call for tender to fraudsters," said Monique Goyens, director-general of the European Consumers' Organisation BEUC, on 23 February.
FundTech Ltd (Nasdaq:FNDT) and Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq: MSFT) today announced the introduction of the SEPA Integration Suite, a suite of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) services that add SEPA transaction processing to a banks existing payments infrastructure with minimal disruption and risk.
SEPA will offset about 300 US tons of CO2 with this solar offset purchase, mitigating the climate impact of its operations with investment in clean, renewable, solar energy.
pabaigoje pateike SEPA apibrezima: "SEPA--tai erdve, kurioje privatus klientai, imones ir kiti ekonomikos subjektai nepriklausomai nuo ju buvimo vietos gales siusti ir gauti nacionalinius ir tarptautinius mokejimo pavedimus eurais, jiems taikant vienodas pagrindines salygas, teises ir isipareigojimus" (EPC Roadmap 2005).