speech detection threshold

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speech awareness threshold

the lowest sound intensity at which speech can be detected.

speech aware·ness thresh·old

(spēch ă-wār'nĕs thresh'ōld)
The lowest sound intensity at which speech can be detected.
Synonym(s): speech detection threshold.

speech detection threshold

Abbreviation: SDT
The lowest level of sound intensity in decibels at which a person identifies a spoken word 50% of the time.
See also: threshold
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Guided by the framework of the SDT, this study successfully manipulated the PE lessons by supporting students with more autonomy.
La evaluacion electrofisiologica con el examen de electroneuromiografia (ENMG) se recomienda en casos sospechosos de SDT neurogenico.
In the WTO, meanwhile, the only group distinguished clearly in relation to SDT is LDCs.
It is clear that SDT remains at the core of developing countries' and, in particular, LDC's negotiating objectives in the Doha Round.
It can be concluded from these two cases that an SDT, specifically designed for an LWC with [[epsilon].
Dos semanas despues, 52 integrantes del SDT acudieron a la Unidad de Conflictos de la Junta Federal de Conciliacion y Arbitraje en el Distrito Federal para presentar una querella en contra de la Cortade "y de otro (Sindicato Nacional)" en la que demandan la nulidad de una serie de clausulas que perjudican al nuevo sindicato, en beneficio del Sindicato Nacional y de la propia comision.
As a follow-up, Williams and colleagues (2011) completed a comparative effectiveness trial using three, SDT intensive tobacco-dependent interventions where eligible participants were randomized to one of three treatment conditions intended for long term maintenance of tobacco abstinence.
There is little surprise then that SDT continues to win fans and awards.
Los perfiles se trazan sobre la SDT teniendo en cuenta que estos deben tener la mayor longitud posible y que esten distribuidos de manera homogenea sobre la SDT.
Craft and Emanuel (1981) and Serrano and Cassens (2000) investigated the yield of pallet cants and pallet parts from SDT.
Those who have received funding include London-born Graham Lustig (currently artistic director of American Repertory Ballet), who created Fanfare this year for the SDT.
The Law Society's Des Hudson said: "One or two solicitors firms have deferred payment pending a hearing before the SDT.