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Abbreviation for:
sacrococcygeal teratoma
salmon calcitonin
sentence completion test
sentence comprehension test
Sertoli cell tumour
sickle cell trait
Society of County Treasurers  
Society for Clinical Trials
solid and cystic tumour
specialised commissioning team 
spinal cord transection
spinal cord trauma
spinocerebellar tract
spiral CT (computed tomography)
stair climbing test
stem cell transplantation
sugar-coated tablet
supervised community treatment


Abbreviation for:
Specialised Commissioning Team (West Midlands)

Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT)

A tumor occurring at the base of the fetus's tailbone.
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Rabindra Malla, managing director of SCT said, We are very hopeful that this service will increase online transactions in the country.
Six of 12 patients on LMHW, all of the patients with defects of intrinsic coagulation factors, and 1 of 3 patients with vWD had prolonged SCT Screen times, but all of them were identified as LA-negative by the SCT Confirm assay.
While the upcoming Banner enhance-merits are too numerous to catalog, SCT did provide some insight into a few of the new features.
The ramifications of improved GVHD prophylaxis, the impact of T cell depletion of SCT grafts on the incidence rates of GVHD, and, ultimately, the choice of the most appropriate stem cell graft remain to be seen.
According to Kogut, "As a new institution with no legacy system to fall back upon should an implementation project go awry, we recognized that SCT Banner was a proven solution that would meet our needs, especially as it is used by UC Davis, one of our sister campuses.
enrollment management, student services) needing to manage a broad range of relationships, SCT Matrix automates personalized communications coordinated across departments based on institutional objectives.
Duncan McBride, associate vice president of administrative services at Florida Gulf Coast University, expects that SCT Banner Finance will provide added benefits beyond the ability to comply with the state mandate.
Further, because its maximum retention in North America is lower than many of its peers, SCT depends on the continuing availability of affordable retrocession as a risk and capital management tool.
The SCT integration products and initiatives will help campuses achieve the benefits of integration through the SCT Luminis Data Integration Suite, the new Luminis Software Development Kits (SDKs), and new SCT developer network and product certification programs.
The Company believes that approximately 80% of patients with Severe VOD die within 100 days of SCT without treatment.