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A gene on chromosome 12q13.13 that encodes a type-II cytokeratin specifically expressed in the simple epithelia of internal organs, glands, ducts and blood vessels.
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Stephanie Barry, SCL Health--Lutheran Medical Center
Although the SCL group is very active against Pakistan in respect of fuelling hostility against Pakistan from Afghanistan under the umbrella of NATO/US forces, now its political involvement in Pakistan's in-house affairs poses great threats to the sovereignty of the state as it has boosted nationalist movements and ethnic conflicts to weaken the federation.
Eva said that they were perplexed with SCL's listing of 'Istrathehiya' (with an extra H) as an affiliate as this was 'not just a typographical error, but a factual error.'
It explained that SCL provided its clients the research to develop and "disseminate the right messages from the right sources using the right communication channels".
When powerful people in the Tory party are revealed to have connections with SCL, it is right that they should answer questions about what they "get" from those connections.
Electroejaculation applies electrical current through the rectum in patients with SCL who do not respond successfully to PVS, by stimulating the nerves and smooth muscles of the prostate with seminal vesicles, as well as pelvic muscles.
With the acquisition of SCL, Unilabs will strengthen its portfolio of diagnostic services in the Middle East and gain access to the UAE's local healthcare market, said a statement.
A single lens of each type of five SCL was incubated in an individual vial filled with 5 ml of artificial tear solution comprising 0.54g/100ml of bovine serum albumin (Amresco, USA), 0.18 g/100 ml of mucin (Sigma, USA), 0.13 g/100 ml of lysozyme (Lysozyme EGG White, Amresco, USA), and 0.001 g/100 ml of Ca[Cl.sub.2] (Amresco, USA) in 0.01 M phosphate-buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.4) based on a previous study [21].
In our opinion, while establishing such a legal regulation the legislator could have taken into account the essential circumstance, that when large number of shareholders operate the company (e.g., from 10 to 249 natural and/or legal persons), the implementation of the pre-emption right set forth in Article 47 of the LoC could contravene the aim of the limitation of the change in shareholders, which is emphasised in the SCL case-law (e.g., Ruling of 05/05/2009 in civil case No.
In addition to this GBP 50,000 cash payment, SCL has paid GBP 50,000 in satisfaction of certain of NewCogen's outstanding liabilities and has agreed to set aside the sum of GBP 280,000 to be drawn down and used to settle creditors and obligations of NewCogen up to this amount both prior to and following completion of the Disposal.
SCL 5 Preetam Bowmick of NCRC stood first (Boys Junior) score 196
SCL LENSES was established by owner Steve Lennox (pictured right) to specialise in the hand painting of soft contact lenses for medical purposes.