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abbreviation for sudden cardiac arrest.

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Q. Can I inherit ataxia to my children? I have Ataxia. Does this mean that all my kids will have it too?

A. The hereditary ataxias are genetic, which means they are caused by a defect in a certain gene that is present from the start of a person's life. There are both dominant and recessive ataxias. If it's a dominant ataxia then each child of a parent with an autosomal dominant ataxia gene has a 50/50 chance of whether they will inherit the ataxia gene or not. If it's recessive then it takes a "double dose" of the ataxia gene to result in disease symptoms. Both parents must be carriers of the disease gene in order for it to pass on. Each child of parents who are both carriers of a recessive disease has a 25% chance of inheriting two ataxia genes so will develop the disease, a 50% chance of inheriting just one of the ataxia genes and, therefore, be a carrier and a 25% chance of inheriting no ataxia gene and be completely free of ataxia.
Therefore, it depends which ataxia gene you have, if it's dominant or recessive and whether your spouse is a carrier too.

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The CM Sindh was told that SCA has earned Rs560 million under royalty and Cess in the years 2015-16 and 2016-17.
The chief minister was told that SCA had earned Rs560 million under royalty in the years 2015-16 and 2016-17.
Also, as all the existing coal-fired generating units will one by one reach the end of their useful life in the next decade or so, with 15-year term of the new SCAs will provide a more certain environment for the power companies to make investments to replace the retiring coal plants with generating units using natural gas and non-fossil fuel sources, etc.
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