small bowel follow-through test

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small bowel follow-through (SBF) test

an x-ray with contrast dye (usually barium) performed to identify abnormalities in the small bowel. X-ray films done at timed intervals follow the progression of the contrast medium through the small intestine. The SBF series is also helpful in identifying and defining the anatomy of small bowel fistulas.
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Singapore is well-positioned to take advantage of the attractive economic opportunities offered by the State of Qatar, particularly now that the GCC-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (GSFTA) has come into force, and we expect this latest visit by the SBF delegation to open new doors of bilateral economic cooperation between Qatar and Singapore which will eventually enable Singaporean companies to play a greater role in Qatar's development story," he added.
Over the last decade of combat operations, Army units have lost the experience and, therefore, the expertise of establishing and effectively utilizing the SBF in the conduct of offensive operations.
SBF managing directorvaughan Hart said:"With the cost of tendering for public sector contracts now more than four per cent of contract value, most contractors will be fulfilling these contracts at best at break even and at worst at a financial loss.
Syntroleum said the completed Phase I included design of a marine-based fuel production plant and characterization of gas-to-liquids synthetic JP-8/JP-5 fuels for military diesel, turbine and fuel cell applications, while ongoing Phase II efforts include expanded engineering and design work for SBF production systems for sea and land, as well as further SBF characterization and demonstration work for the military.
This is the second such appropriation for developing the SBF concept and follows the $3.
Trading in SBF stock was suspended the same day, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange said that it would be delisted May 23.
South Staffordshire Group has diversified from water and waste management into outsourced services by spending pounds 900,000 to takeover billing and direct mail services company SBF.
PA CAC MID&SMALL 190, CAC MID 100, CAC Soft&CS, CAC Technology General Indices: SBF 120, SBF 250, SBF 80, IT CAC, NEXT 150
This Request covers the project to increase the capacity of the SBF and fill the existing gap in the fence through the Yilgarn Shire.
Bob Savitt, founder and president of Savitt Partners, acted on behalf of the ownership in the lease transaction, while Marc Schoen and Michael Schoen represented SBF Industries in its three-year commitment at the iconic property.