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The editors say that their primary finding, however, is that black students who are given the opportunity to study at well-financed integrated high schools are able to improve their SAT scores, suggesting that greater equality in school financing and quality in the states might at least reduce the gap significantly.
The principal culprit here is not the students' SAT scores or their grade-point averages (GPAs).
"The states with the highest SAT scores and lowest percentage of SAT takers tend to be testing mostly their best and brightest." Marchant explains.
They were considered to be of "average" ability as determined by their SAT scores and previous grades; however, they considered themselves to be "below average" in their reading ability in French.
This, we remember, was the strategy during the Reagan era, when Education Secretary William Bennett used SAT scores as a whip against schools--usually urban--that failed to raise scores.
But SAT scores are not nearly as high as they were in 1941, when the test was first given.
If not SAT scores or high-school grades, why are some applicants given preference over others?
Meanwhile, average SAT scores plummeted nearly 60 points...."
The country is not run by a cabal of Mensa types with perfect SAT scores. College admissions committees know very well the limitations of the SAT.
Using data from four schools on individual students' grades, SAT scores, and the SAT scores of their roommates, Zimmerman finds that first-year roommates are assigned randomly with respect to academic ability.
From declining SAT scores to school shootings, young people are seen as problems, and adults keep trying to figure out how to reach them.
All that an observer of the admissions data can know is that the probability of having been admitted was, say, 50 percent, for an African-American student with SAT scores in the 1100-1200 range, that roughly 35 percent of black applicants with SAT scores between 1000 and 1100 were admitted, and that an average of about 75 percent of black applicants with test scores in the 1300-1500 range were admitted (p.