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Abbreviation for scaffold-associated regions , under region.


Abbreviation for sarcosine.

specific absorption rate (SAR)

Etymology: L, species, form
(in hyperthermia treatment) the rate of absorption of heat energy (W) per unit mass of tissue in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg).

structure-activity relationship (SAR)

the relationship between the chemical structure of a drug and its activity.


Abbreviation for:
search and rescue 
seasonal allergic rhinitis
secondary attack rate
sinoatrial rate
slowly adapting receptor
sodium adsorption ratio
specific absorption rates
standardised access ratio 
staphylococcal accessory regulator
subjective analysis return 
survival after recurrence
suspected adverse reaction
systemic anaphylactic reaction


1. Sarcoidosis.
2. Scaffold attachment region. See Matrix attachment region.
3. Sexual Attitude Reassessment.
4. Standard admissions ratio.
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With the issuance of the new SAR form and SAR software, financial institutions and organizations will be able to file the new form with the following procedures:
Here, owing to the relatively short generation interval of SARS (mean 8.
Some people have respiratory symptoms at the beginning of the SARS illness, and others have diarrhea.
All eight studied patients satisfied the WHO surveillance case definition for SARS (9).
SARS has been mutating into strains of varying lethality, and a lone "super spreader" infectee can lay waste to an entire hospital that isn't properly prepared.
The good news is that SARS has largely been-contained in the U.
By June 5, 2003, there were 8,400 cases of SARS worldwide and 775 deaths.
At the time, SARS had infected barely 1500 people and caused fewer than 100 deaths in Beijing; tragic, certainly, but not enough to singlehandedly shutter a city of 14 million.
it contains an NZNO position statement on SARS, a checklist for staff before entering SARS isolation rooms, advice for health workers who have visited SARS-affected countries, case definitions for SARS, hospital infection control guidelines, and guidelines for managing suspected SARS cases in primary health care settings.
Underscoring Montagnier's point, Chinese AIDS officials warned in late April that the SARS death rate could rise to at least 40% in villages with large numbers of HIV-positive people.
Eligible participants will have suffered a loss of employment income due to having contracted SARS or having been in isolation or under quarantine because they may have been exposed to SARS during their work, or were prevented from working because of an outbreak of SARS at their workplace.