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Data on patient age, APACHE II score, SAPS II and number of reintubations, as well as number of days on MV or number of days of stay in ICU were expressed as median and 25th-75th interquartile range, while other data were expressed as number (%).
The new SAPS II 17 has total 17 variables which include 12 physiological variables, admission type, age and underlying disease related variables (3).
Admission SN concentrations over 122 pmol/L on ICU admission were associated with increased mortality after adjustment for SAPS II [hazard ratio (HR) 1.
The severity of septic shock was determined by SAPS II score.
28 * COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CRF, chronic respiratory failure; IS, immunosuppressive therapy; ICU, intensive care unit; SAPS II, simplified acute physiology score II.
Los modelos pronosticos de tercera generacion son el SAPS II (19) y el APACHE III (3), este ultimo no tuvo difusion porque su uso era privado.
The form included demographic data (age, sex, weight, height), clinical data (diagnosis prior to ICU admission, indications for mechanical ventilation, SOFA score, APACHE II score, SAPS II score, Glasgow Coma Score, vital signs, laboratory and imaging data) and therapeutic variables (vasoactive drugs, antibiotics, immunosuppressant's and bronchodilators) commonly used at the ICU.
Las siguientes variables se extrajeron de la tabla: numero de tratamientos SLED, numero de dias de tratamiento HDFVVC, tiempo de permanencia en la UCI y en el hospital, mortalidad en la UCI y en el hospital, SAPS II y TISS 28, urea y creatinina sericas, proteina C reactiva, ventilacion mecanica, diagnosticos.
The means SAPS II, APACHE II, LODS and SOFA scores were 35 (SD [+ or -] 11.
We used APACHE III (15), APACHE II (16) and SAPS II (17) methodology in order to accurately predict hospital mortality for critically ill patients.
In those patients in whom the sample was drawn for blood culture on hospital admission, the SAPS II score on admission was considered.