signal-average electrocardiogram

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signal-average electrocardiogram (SAECG)

an electrocardiographic study, usually performed on patients with unexplained loss of consciousness or suspected arrhythmias, in which hundreds of QRS complexes are collected, filtered, and analyzed to discover the presence or absence of certain abnormalities in the conducting system of the ventricle.
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SAECGs were acquired using modified-XYZ Frank orthogonal leads and QRS-triggered coherent-averaged up to the noise level of 0.
The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (2) published a Health Technology Assessment of SAECG, concluding that clinical studies of SAECG consistently demonstrated a very high negative predictive value (76-100%), variable sensitivity (35-83%) and specificity (47-91%), and poor positive predictive value (8-48%) when performed in patients with cardiomyopathy or following MI.
For both types of filtration we calculated 3 commonly used SAECG parameters (5):
ART's participation, in accordance with the Research Agreement, will be to provide hardware (ART 1200 EPX) and software - including the Windows(R) based Predictor(R) SAECG analysis - to support the signal averaged ECG aspect of this study.