S protein

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S pro·tein

the major fragment produced from pancreatic ribonuclease by the limited action of subtilisin, which cleaves the ribonuclease between residues 20 and 21; the smaller fragment (residues 1-20) is S peptide.
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The Riso group's peptide can store 25 megabits of data in 1 square millimeter.
Klug's peptide uses three zinc fingers, each a unit of 30 amino acids that can locate and grip a DNA sequence of three base pairs.
The test-tube experiments, however, suggest that Kim's peptides aren't as effective as T-20 at stopping the AIDS virus.
But when he introduced a solution of Zhang's peptides to these cell cultures, he saw something Zhang had never witnessed: The peptides seemed to coagulate into a thin piece of plastic wrap.