Sézary, Albert

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Sézary, Albert

Fr. dermatologist, 1880–1956.

Sézary cell

A T lymphocyte that contains an abundance of vacuoles filled with a mucopolysaccharide; present in the blood of patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma who develop Sézary syndrome.

Sézary syndrome

An advanced stage of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in which there is widespread involvement of the skin and systemic circulation of malignant cells.
See: cutaneous T cell lymphoma
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Albert, French dermatologist, 1880-1956.
Sézary-Bouvrain syndrome - Synonym(s): Sézary syndrome
Sézary cell - an atypical T lymphocyte seen in the peripheral blood in Sézary syndrome.
Sézary erythroderma - Synonym(s): Sézary syndrome; Sézary-Bovrain syndrome
Sézary syndrome - a variant of mycosis fungoides. Synonym(s): Sézary-Bouvrain syndrome; Sézary erythroderma
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